Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birth Kit

Finally got everything together this past weekend, and picked up our La Bassine at my MW appointment on Mon. *grin* She'll bring the hoses with her when she comes (and, as I say that, I'm singing it to the tune of "She'll be coming 'round the mountain". It's important that you get a good aural picture of that, so you'll need to sing it for yourself.)

I'll see if I can list everything correctly...

-giant PP pads for the first couple of days
-a package of overnight pads (for the next several days). The new enormous "Always" are just amazing, I hear.
-PP cloth pads
-non-latex gloves
-alcohol wipes
-emergency pitocin
-emergency methergine
-betadine scrub
-peri bottles
-quite a few chux pads
-nasal aspirator
-sexy mesh panties *waggling eyebrows*
-vit K (in case of rough birth, not sure if we'll use it)
-arnica oil
-heat pad
-AfterEase tincture (for after pains, WishGarden)
-extra strength Tylenol and Motrin, which can be staggered after birth ;)
-Baby Blues mood tincture (WishGarden)
-Bottom spray
-cloth breast pads
-newborn hats
-cord clamp
-herbs for sitz baths
-birth tub liner
-shower curtain
-Spanx-type girdle for gut/abdominal support afterward, until muscle separation heals

To debunk the funny head trip of me going to town with a giant cart at local medical supply store, or worse, being a masked pregnant bandit in the middle of the night at the local maternity ward, I'll tell you that I ordered most of my basic birth supplies from Baby, Birth and Beyond, and the pool liner from YourWaterBirth.)

We'll also have bendy straws, energy drinks/juice, plenty of ice, gallon freezer bags (for cold packs if we need them, and the placenta afterward), easy to digest snacks (I might go buy and hide some granola and popsicles for myself ahead of time giggle), vitamin C, and lots of clean towels. And a sheet of cheap plastic to put between the pool and bathroom.

-*and* an overnight bag packed for the girlies (to go to hotel nearby with gramma), and an emergency one for us, in case of transport. Also, a new, riveting long movie on standby for the kiddos, just in case things get intense before my parents get here.

-all camera batteries charged and memory cards ready to go.

Nate's and my to-do list at the onset of labor:

-do a clean sweep of the house (should only take 20min), and toss any dirty towels in the wash
-situate furniture in bedroom, and set up pool
-call MW
-call parents to pick up the girls (we'll have 2 hours before they get here)
-bake a birthday cake with the girls (knock on wood) as an early labor project
-shower, if I haven't already.
-relax and joke around while we still can.


In other news:

I've almost got our labor music playlist compiled...I'll list the songs we picked later this week for funsies.

My visit to Debi (my wonderful midwife) went well on Monday. My blood pressure was on the low side of normal (113/76, I think?), which is good. I'd managed to only gain one pound in the past 10 days, which is an accomplishment for me this late in the game! Urine sample good. Baby in a perfect labor position, excepting being high and floating, which I suspected. (For what it's worth, I've never had a baby of mine be engaged at my last prenatal appointment!)

I'm contracting quite a bit, which is normal in the last few weeks for a third time mama. They tend to either be short and 6 minutes apart for a few hours every night, or 10 minutes apart lasting almost 2min in duration. I think it's fair to say it's one well toned muscle at this point. :OP

My children are recovering from the fever/sniffles they had earlier this week. (with lots of love, rest, vitamins, tea, water, steam, probiotics and garlic. Can we say, "Mommy's really concerned about being sick this close to the due date"?)

And, finally, I've just consumed half a pineapple. It was well worth the $3 splurge. I think I may need to get another one this evening. Rawwwwwrmmmmm!


  1. Those pineapples start to burn the tongue after awhile.

  2. They really do. Unless, of course, you hork them down at a record speed. **blushing** It's blissful pain.

  3. Hey there, Dad and I agree that calling us needs to be bumped to the top of the "to do" list. It takes longer than 2 hours with traffic :)
    I hope everyone is feelign better. (((hugs)))

  4. Sillies. :OP The "to-do" wasn't really in chronological priority order. ;) You'll be getting a call as soon as we're sure. <3

  5. lol you're mom is so cute! She just wants to make sure she doesn't miss it! ;-) You are soooo organized Ashley! Reading this gets me all excited for you! I'm dying to find out if baby VO is a he or a she! Ahhh! Come on out baby VO!