Monday, March 2, 2009

39 weeks +1 day appointment

Everything looks good. :o)

Baby is high and floating, which I expected...with this being #3, he/she likely won't engage until I'm into labor. With the ample amnio I have, it's flip flopped back and forth from left to right several times in the last week; good news is it's still quite head down.

No sign of bladder infection today! :D

I've got my hoses and pump for the La Bassine.

My sweet husband got up and made pancakes for everyone before he left for work. Chocolate chip with blueberries on top. He's totally amazing.

My good friend Jennifer dropped by for lunch today and brought pizza, which made getting everyone out the door (and my general outlook on life!) much more positive. It was a total lifesaver!

I'm so blessed with supportive friends and family...seriously.

In the last couple of days, my contractions have gotten markedly more effective feeling, causing lots of pressure and stretching in my cervix. Nothing really crampy, and no pattern that's timing-worthy to speak of, but it's definitely encouraging to feel the change. :)

Now, it's just a sit around and distract myself and chew ice while we wait game. ;)


  1. Still no new baby VO...poor ashley! :( I pray for you every morning and I know you are so ready! Hopefully soon!! :) Hang in there, you're such a trooper and I'm glad to hear that you are healthy and ready to go! Come out and play baby VO!

  2. Thanks!

    Eh, I'm a firm believer that every baby has the birth and birth date he/she needs. I'm willing to wait it out for things to go as smoothly as possible! :o)