Friday, January 28, 2011

2 year old molars are hard, and an upcycled scarf hanger!

The Necklace Queen has gotten a jump start on her 2 year molars, and we both spend a confused, sleepless night holding each other and singing and bordering hysteria before her (supposedly veteran) mama figured it out. I should have some things tattooed onto my leg or something, so I don't forget. I took off her beloved amber necklace at 3am, thinking her crazy pawing was her wanting it off...bad move! Poor little love cried like her heart was breaking until I put it back on, and we walked the floors together for a while, while she intermittently asked to go outside for a walk and stated "Mommy put neck'ace back ON."

Today, she's doing better with some judicious Motrin usage. (This natural-minded mama is not disinclined to use pain relievers for miserable, unavoidable life pain! Bring on the baby drugs, dude.) Some sunshine during an unseasonably warm afternoon seemed to help both of us to. You can still bet your buttons that I'll fall into bed tonight early and exhausted. ;OP

Clothes pin and Yardstick Hanger!

OK, so, while B'Eva snagged a much-needed nap today, the older girls and I worked on a project my friend Brandy described to me! We painted clothes pins with sponge brushes and Plaid brand paint, then painted the dried color over with sparkles, and then I sealed the sparkles in (this mama's no fool) with acrylic clear sealer.

Then, I staple gunned them to a yardstick (it was easiest to dismantle the clothes pins, and then put them back together for this part), and then nailed the yardstick to the wall. Viola!! The perfect scarf organizer for their artsy-themed bedroom. (It was originally an art hanger, and we'll likely make another for that purpose, too.) Thanks, B, for the awesome idea! I'm really pleased with the colorful, whimsical effect.