Monday, February 18, 2008

Sleepy thoughts, pretty little duds

It's very quiet in our house, except for the hum of the heater, and dark, too. I'm up rocking a sick little one, so I thought I'd pass the time updating my neglected little corner of blogdom while I kiss my poor, warm baby on the top of her head.

I've been trying my hand at making some easy peasy toddler clothes for the girls this summer, and at the gentle nudging of friends, I might get up the nerve needed to try an actual pattern. These were fun to piece together, and I'm happy with how they turned out...summery and fun and clam-digger-ish. If you're an experienced seamstress, avert your eyes, or find something kind to say while ignoring my lack of skill. *giggle*

(Also, excuse the lounging menagerie of stuffed anima
ls strewn all over the house...they are beloved friends who see quite a bit of play time these days. The favorites have been dubbed "Pillypoolah", "Moses", "RumTumTugger" and "Molly". Separating any of these from the rest of the pack results in hurt feelings in the quarantined party, you see, so we try to be all-inclusive, so as not to injure any animal's feelings ;) )

I cut apart some old size 4 wide legged capris, and straigh
tened the legs out a bit, and used the pieces as a pattern for drawstring pants. I thought it would be a disaster, but they turned out very wear-able! I'll admit it: I was really, really pleased with myself. *grin* I remembered my first sad attempt at clothes making for a doll when I was 7 or so, and that dusty little part of myself was redeemed a bit after years of thinking I couldn't do it. :-P

There's something sweet and happy about watching your kiddos dance around in something you put together with your own hands. It's similar to feeding someone a good meal, or singing someone to sleep, or arranging flowers that you grew yourself.

Speaking of DIY...a friend recently sent me a kombucha tea scoby and some kefir grains. Wheeee! I've been blending the kefir with some berries and some xylitol, and wow, it's good.

I need to get to the store and pick up some more natural sweetener, but first, I need to get these bubs well. Not so much looking forward to several more days in the house. :-P