Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Middle Child in need of attention.

My 3yo demands (while standing on my bed), "Mooom, look how much I've grown!! Look, I said!!" She looks on for my response in expectation and a little frustration, balancing on her tip-toes on the mattress, her purple romper all eschew from laundry-pile jumping.

Finally, I glance up and fake interest when I say, "Oh, yeah! Look at that! Cool!" I go back to reading.

This was not the desired response, apparently, because she said with furrowed brow, "I said, I'm TALL!!!" Her eyes wide open, her little fists clenched into desperate little balls and her whole body buzzing with anticipation. Clearly, this child needs recognition, requiring me to break concentration. Ah, well. I go into over-the-top mode, gesticulating in a spastic manner: "Oh, WOW!!! You're a giant! Whoa, DUDE!! You've grown like a crazy wild sunflower overnight, and it's a MIRACLE!!"

She smiles shyly, rolls her giant eyes and murmurs gently, "It is." :D

The middle child's proverbial love tank is full.