Monday, July 23, 2012

Pre-coffee ethics.

Today, my 3yo found some pet nail clippers a sibling forgot to put away, and cut the tip off her Phineus doll's nose.

I found her and 5yo Lark pulling out bits of stuffing, saying, "Sorry, Phineus, but we have to take out your nose meat." (aka, fluffy stuffing)

Finding this unsettling but not taking time to reflect before speaking, I exclaimed, "Oh, NO!! People aren't meat, sweets. Meat is something you eat. We don't eat people. It's not kind to cut off someone's nose." (I realized all logical errors as soon as it exited my mouth, and my funny perceiving daughter said:)

"Yeah, but tigers and sharks eat people. So I guess we really ARE meat, too, to some animals."


"Also, mommy {gentle pat on the shoulder}, don't worry, it's just a doll."

I smile wanly. I had it coming.

Note to self: No more arguing ethics with an open minded 5yo before lunch. All my base are belong to her.

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