Saturday, April 18, 2009

And the Mommy did Grin...

Reasons to be happy :

-Scoring a girl's bike and a purple gauze play canopy for $2 each. Yard sales. Whomever invented them deserves a smooch.

-Gorgeous weather.

-Closing on our FIRST HOUSE next week! More on that (and the insanity of moving with a 4yo, 2yo and newborn later)

-Shirt that was ill fitting last week looking decent today. Bwahahaha! Take that, jelly belly.

-Smelling my baby's head. Mama crack. Mmmmmmm. <3 Oxytocin is better than narcotics.

-Fresh seasonal produce which tastes like food rather than a cereal box. Wheeeee!


  1. We had an awesome time with all of you today. Thanks for letting us come. The grandbaby fix should last a little while...but we are addicted to their hugs, smiles, giggles, and kisses.