Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Butter makers.

This was loads of fun, and I can't believe I never knew how easy it was! Two dollars for an hour of entertainment and seriously nice butter at the end isn't half-bad. Heck, it's not even 11/12 bad. Here are some pics of our endeavor. :D

Step #1 Pour heavy whipping cream into jars, but leave plenty of room
for it to shake around in there. (Seal lids tightly enough that your 4yo
can't wrench them off and apply cream to her sister's hair. )

Step #2 shake the cream for 5-10 minutes!

(singing a song while you do it makes the time go by faster...)

"My arms are all floppy!"

Stop shaking when the butter is obviously separated! The liquid that's left it buttermilk.
(I noticed that shaking got suddenly easier and the jar sounded "sloshier" when this happened)

Step #3: rinse butter with cold water. After the water's gently squeezed out, you can
flavor it with honey, herbs, whatever. I recommend salt with whatever you chose.

We did one garlic and rosemary, and another with honey...mmmm.

Step #4: Eat on bread, or off your fingers. :oP

Ohmygoodness. *drool* So that's what butter's supposed to taste like? I kept thinking, "Something's missing...." until I realized it was the stale paper flavor. I think I'll use the herb butter to make garlic bread tonight, and then try not to eat it. (It's a fun little game I play with myself) Obviously, not something I'll be doing on an ongoing basis, but, fun when you're in the mood for something fancy.


  1. This looks yummy. I need the girls to come help Grandma make butter. We can all shake together and have floppy arms.

  2. That's a great idea I'll have to do that one with the kiddos!