Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Very clever baby.

Heard in the V.O. house this morning....

Me: Morning, girlies! Want some strawberries?

Mirth: Yes, but where is baby Eva?

Me: She's sleeping still...

Grace: *disgruntled sleepy cry from bedroom*

Mirth: Oh, she's awake!! Get her, get her!

Lark: Listen! Gracie's saying "Honk, honk!" in SPANISH.

Me: *giggling* I don't even know how to say "Honk, honk" in Spanish. How do you say it?

Mirth: Like this- "Hunk, hunk!"

Lark: No, yike dis! - (growling deep voice) 'Hoooonk, honk!!"

Me: Oh, wow. I never knew that. Very interesting.

Mirth: Now, I think she's trying to say "Chemical Flu". That's weird.


Weird indeed. *giggle*


Lark: Here's my puppy! I save him from the cliff...I'm SUPER-LARK!

mommy: Where are you going now? Will you save more puppies, Super-Lark?

Lark: No, I all done wif that for the day.

Edit: some pics from today. :O)

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