Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recycled Pirate dress for Me Wee Beauty..

Little Pirate Dress. :D This week is much, much, MUCH better than last week. No more flu, no more piles of tissues everywhere, no more not being able to leave the house. We're officially out of Davy's grip. ;P

Eva the Beeba the little Queen of Sheba has a new little pirate dress. I'm all smitten...firstly, because it's soft and snuggly (just like her), and secondly because I gave my favorite (non-fitting...le sigh) soft polo shirt new life. I got it second hand to begin with, so it's always been oh-so-buttery, and it made the perfect little bit of patchy goodness for the family's favorite little nearly 2yo potato head.

I sound giddy and perky. I think I'm unleashing a week's worth of pent up energy at anyone who will listen today. ;oP

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have life to catch up on. Laundry, The Chamber of Secrets with my 6yo, a flourless chocolate cake to bake with Naomi, and cats that need neuter and spay appointments. Life goes on. There is hope after the (frickin, frackin, nasty, ugly, stupid, horrible, no-good) flu. Now, we swab the poop deck.

If you or yours are suffering from it...fear not. It passes! Hugs and tissues to you.

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