Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Everyone should be a little silly sometimes.

"Mix a little foolishness in with your serious plans; it's lovely to be silly at the right moment." -Horace

Today: Silly face veggie bagels (idea taken from Pretend Soup, a terrific children's beginning cookbook) and homemade soda, a la Van Ottertots. Enjoy! :O) (We did!! I was honestly shocked when every last veggie nose and eyeball got eaten.)

Homemade soda:

1 part club soda, 1 part your favorite fruit juice
1 teaspoon of stevia or sugar

The end! ;oP It's delicious, and ends up having less sugar in it than just an ounce for ounce glass of juice, when all's said and drunk. My favorite's blueberry, while the girls prefer orange or pineapple. It really is more amazing when drunk in glass canning jars. Just sayin'.


  1. It really was...the girls kept laughing hysterically and changing the happy faces to worried faces whenever we were taking a bite. My favorite was E's "dead" sandwich. A little macabre, but, yanno...what do you do? ;oP

  2. You all have been doing such fun looking stuff lately! Can't wait to join the fun. Save me a bagel.

  3. how fun!

    i miss you, lady... i feel like i can never talk on the phone anymore, because: i can only hear myself when the two boys are sleeping, and when they are sleeping, i'm like a tornado trying to get things done that i can't do when they are awake. thus, i can never talk on the phone. *pout*

    ps, i know you're taking a break, but i posted pics of our new bedding and headboard... ;) thought you might like to see. :)