Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recycled Alligator Dress!

I was culling old stained/stretched/holey t's from my and the girls storage bins yesterday, and decided to do a quick and easy project to lift us out of the "We've been stuck in the sick cave for a week" doldrums.

This is what we came up with! It took us 20 min. :D I'm especially proud of the little rosette. ;oP I encourage anyone with a sewing machine, old shirts and a spare half hour to give this a shot...You'll feel proud as peas of yourself. Or you can come kick my shins.


  1. Couldn't I just send you a box of clothes and measurements?

  2. LOL! If only I had the time. Alas, my oldest daughter already has big plans for me and my sewing machine! ;oP She's the woman with the agenda these days. <3