Thursday, March 12, 2009

-4 Pregnant. Why do I still FEEL huge?

Had a lovely round of strong prodrom last night, which petered off at bedtime (with the help of some cal/mag, rescue remedy, skullcap and a ton of water). No baby, but on the upside, the contractions are feeling VERY labor-y. A few of them took my breath away, and had me running for my cell phone, convinced that if they kept up that intensity, my MW wouldn't make it. :P

I continue to crave insane amount of acidic fruit. I ate almost another entire fresh pineapple yesterday morning. *blushes furiously* Ahhh, but it was scrumptious.

My brain was even more cloudy than normal yesterday, from lack of sleep and presence of off-again-on-again prodrom all day, I suspect.

If it keeps it up tonight (but still isn't the "real" thing), I may have a half glass of wine and a long bath in order to get some decent sleep.

I'm quite nauseated this morning, even after a good breakfast. :oS

At this point, time is on my side, odds-wise. ;oP Even if I go past 41 weeks, that's only a few days away. Then, I can cry and feel sorry for myself and refuse to change out of my pajamas all day.

Wait, wait...I'm already doing that!

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  1. Still no baby...hang in there Ashley, he/she will come soon I'm sure! The Lord knows juuuuust when that baby is ready! ;-)