Friday, December 4, 2009

We made our advent wreath today!

We collected some rosemary, pine and cedar today and tied them to an antique embrodery hoop to make our little advent wreath. (We went small this year, maybe we'll be more ambitious next year!) The rosemary was blooming little purple pretty! <3 The girls wanted to paint their faces in celebration, so Esther was a bird and Nomi, of course, was a cat.

We'll have to do double duty on the candle lighting each Sunday, since we got to a late start this year, but I think they'll enjoy it a lot. We also got our Christmas tree up! I'll have to post pictures of that later. :O)


  1. Where do you go for your nature walks? Is that in the picture a park or is it land around your home? I love the wreaths and that you spend time with your kids. I'm on xanga now and would like to add you but don't know your username...maybe I'll go look in your sidebar...

  2. It's the land around our home, although I have to say that our area has some really gorgeous parks, too. <3

    I love your current profile pic, btw! :D