Saturday, December 19, 2009

Miss Eva is now 9 months old, and is such a relaxed, happy, curious, friendly little cuddler. She totally steals our hearts every day!

She can crawl now (started at 7.5 mo), and has almost 6 teeth! :oO The teeth are a total shocker to me, as her sisters didn't have a tooth until they were 10mo. :P She loves to dance to music, and is pulling up on the furniture. Today, I found her climbed up on the first step of her sister's bathroom stool! She loves pulling all the tupperware out of my bottom cabinet, and banging on my metal mixing bowls with a spoon. She adores my parent's West Highland Terrier, and tries to follow her around with her mouth open to get puppy kisses...ewwie! She has a steady, easy going spirit, and is really into trying new foods these days. Carrots and mung beans are big favorites, as are bananas and tangerines.

She's a solid sleeper, and is such a good natured little punkin, even while she's cutting 3 teeth at a time. She tends to wake up in the morning with a big grin on her face, ready to explore. She hates being deterred from something she's trying to reach, and doesn't like waiting for the next bite of food, either, hehe.

Evie loooves to talk! She signs "hungry" and "puppy" and waves byebye. Her words are just astounding me...

She can say: mama, dada, sisseh (sissy), hungry, "hi dada", "is good!", good, byebye, puppa (puppy), beh-beh (baby), hnn-guh! (hungry), E-deh! (Esther), dis (this, what's this) and ball. :O)

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  1. Isaac saw the last pic of Eva and he put his hand up and waved at her. <3