Friday, June 12, 2009

I thoroughly appreciated this article and this one. Thought provoking stuff...really, you should read them. **nodding fervently**

Not reading them yet? ;OP I'll summarize. The new parenting trend, especially for mothers, leans heavily on applauding one's self and others for being a "bad" parent, in reaction to past generations' push to both be and present one's self as the perfect parent.

I love how Heather points out the subtle nuances of parenting differences, and how those nuances can make a huge difference. Being an "attached" parent doesn't make one a hovercraft. A desire to impart morals doesn't make a parent free from wildness and whimsical magic. I appreciate someone articulating that idea so clearly. :) Every parent has their own unique manifesto.

I breastfeed my two year old. I also let that same two year old climb trees unassisted, rock walls and have free reign of our big backyard. (Mostly because she has the skill and will to do so) Two of our children still sleep in our room. And two of them are allowed to make and clean up their own lunch on a fairly regular basis. I don't spank my children. And I expect them to help out with the laundry and let my 4yo make pancakes. They watch some tv.

And, when the weather's nice, they're outside catching bugs and eating blackberries several hours a day. They listen to me pray honestly for patience and curse when I'm really, really mad. We're choosing to school at home for now, and we also enjoy *gasp* Harry Potter. **dun, dun, dunn*

I refuse to be called "good" or "bad". Those terms fall in and out of vogue so darned easily. I've never been much good at towing the party line, anyway. How about loving and available? I like that much better.


  1. Ash:)
    I really loved this post..and yes read the articles:):)
    What a nice breath of fresh air!!

  2. Can we have a phone date?? I realize that will be extremely hard. I also have a new number: 850-348-6661
    Free any time after 9pm.

  3. Great articles. Thanks for sharing where you at with this; I think it's so helpful to hear. I'm definitely tucking this away for down the road.