Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Edible necklaces, chocolate banana bread, bookshelves

Can it get any better than necklace beads made from fruity cheerios? They don't think so. I had one, too, but I ate mine before the photo op, lol. :oP I was surprised at how long it held their attention. N did hers all by herself! And, somehow, rare fruity cereal gets cleaned up (*cough* eaten *cough*) off the table and floor better than their usual wooden beads. I wonder why....

Speaking of "fruit" cereal: I thought this was an amusing article.

Noni helped me bake wheat banana nut chocolate bread today (what a mouthful, in more than one way), while we all watched the Philosopher's Stone. The bread was seriously delicious, hence the link (only modified by using whole wheat flour, which didn't detract from the taste at all, in my humble opinion).

licking the bowl

It was a well deserved treat after everyone working so hard doing the weekly cleaning of the playroom. It was scary in there. :P Supervising children cleaning is much harder than doing it one's self, in my thinking. Two year olds in particular have an extraordinary ability to stray from
any given task, a fact I always forget about once they get older.

The playroom was extra messy this morning because *drumroll*:

Nate build their bookshelves into the wall cubby! I'm pleased with the result. He's so cool that way. They fit there nicely, I think.

There's one big box left in the garage with the rest of their books..they have far more books than toys, methinks.

We'll paint them evetually, but for now, they're storing all the kid's books au naturale. :D


  1. Mmmm that loaf sounds delish!!
    I'll have to try the cereal necklace with my kids!
    Ps: did you ever checkout my blog?

  2. The bread sounds delicious! And I love the bookshelves. And the tree you painted on the wall. And really, everything about the playroom. If you want to know the truth, I am just a wee bit jealous of the playroom, and I am an adult! LOL.