Friday, February 8, 2013

Gelatin prints!

This was an absolute blast! Very messy, very process oriented, good for experimentation. 

First, we made a block of plain gelatin (followed the directions for 6 packets, using hot water only), and were careful to sponge all bubbles off the top. When it was set and rubbery, we plopped it out on a plastic cutting board and went to town. 

First, we rolled on a thin coat of watered down acrylic paint onto the gelatin block (or you could smear with your hands), and experimented with empty space by putting down paper cutouts, mesh onion bags, string, rubber bands, etc. We lay the blank sheets down directly on the gelatin block and gently pressed the paper down with our hands, then peeled it off to reveal the print! 

Then, we experimented with layering effects. After they dried, we experimented with adding some fruit cross-section stamps. Fun! XO)

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