Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mr. Wonderful. (Week 10)

Pregnancy is often the brunt of so many (sometimes well deserved :OP) jokes, that lots of men tend to view it as a time to steer clear of their crazy, crazy wife until everything goes back to normal.

But the truth of the matter is, pregnancy was never meant to be something that a woman bears alone...the physical and emotional burden is so heavy for any one person to bear! Pregnancy leaves you vulnerable to a tornado of emotions and physical sensations, and, like it or don't, leaves fiercely independent women in need of support. My friend Allison likes to remind women (and men) that pregnancy is a chance for men to shelter their wives emotionally while they're doing the amazing task of sheltering a tiny, fragile life.

I'm so, so, SO blessed to have a life partner that *gets* that. :oD Really blessed.

Barefoot Man has been cooking, encouraging, taking care of the girls, doing the other words, picking up the slack while I'm otherwise occupied. He rocks my face off. I couldn't do this without him, at least not with my emotional self in tact. He puts up with a lot of my crazy, and not because he wants me to owe him. He does it because he knows I need him to. He's proud of me.

So, when I say "we're expecting!!" and women roll their eyes, I really do mean "we". It takes two to do the magic doodle that can't be undid, but it also takes two to grow a family. Yes, it does.

Is he lucky to have me? You betcha. Am I lucky to have him? You bet your overpriced heartbeat doppler. ;O) He's a special guy. <3

Thanks, hon.

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