Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ding Dong Ditching Day.

One of my current happy places online is Poppies at Play, and, at her behest, I took my children ding dong ditching this afternoon. In my defense, she made a REALLY compelling case.  We used GF brownies with coconut oil instead of ding dongs. Since we only bothered our friends, I figured we'd better not hasten anyone's early heart attack. XOP The same generous blog also offers the free printable labels pictured below.

Mirth made the brownies herself, and everyone suffered politely through a "test brownie" apiece before she caved and said, "I think I did something wrong. These are NASTY!" {cough, choke} Indeed, they were. We figured out that estimation in a baking recipe makes for very funny texture, and tried again aiming for precision with much better success.

We had a blast. Mirth and Lark decided that disguises were kind of a must.

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  1. Ha ha ha...I LOVE the costumes! What a fun mom you are! Thanks for sharing;)

    Poppies at Play