Friday, April 29, 2011

Twisters in our neck of the woods...

I've been MIA this past week, due to a night of doula work and the twisters that ripped through SE TN! (the doula work being obviously more fun than the tornadoes! It roared over our house on Wednesday night and shook our windows and doors, littering our lawn with pieces of other people's homes and possessions. :( The neighborhood behind us was pretty much obliterated, and we've lost power/water for the time being, so the girls and I are staying at my parent's home.

Just wanted to say that we're OK, and to encourage everyone to pray and send aid to the families that were effected by the twisters. :O)


  1. Glad you are OK. So sad for families that lost loved ones and homes :(

  2. So glad you are safe! I had no idea you were in the midst of that chaos! Praying for all involved.